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Crash Data Services, LLC provides traffic accident reconstruction, including crash data retrieval and at-scene accident investigation.

The experts at Crash Data Services, LLC specialize in the download and analysis of Event Data Recorders (vehicle black boxes). Additional services include general accident reconstruction, survey modeling, animation services, simulation analysis, infotainment system downloads, low speed crash reconstruction and more. Our commitment to our clients makes us an outstanding company to fulfill your accident reconstruction needs.


Our experts employ a wide variety of advanced techniques when investigating a traffic accident to include, but not limited to, crash data retrieval (vehicle black box technology), total station survey mapping, aerial photogrammetry, and infotainment system data extractions. Our lead expert is a trainer of Crash Data Retrieval Technicians and has held an adjunct instructor position with Northwestern University’s Center for Public safety. Throughout the country, Crash Data Services, LLC has been a guest presenter on Insurance Fraud investigations and has authored several articles, including published works on EDR admissibility and proper EDR evidence collection in criminal, insurance, and tort liability investigations.

Litigation Support Services

Thousands of accidents occur throughout the United States every day. Effective accident reconstruction techniques help our experts determine if the actions of drivers, failures of equipment, or environmental factors played a role in a collision. Talk to our experts today. Plaintiff or insurance defense cases welcome. Free initial consultations available.

In addition to our expert witness services, our experts can produce a wide variety of courtroom illustrations, including large panoramic photographs, scale diagrams, scale 3D illustrations and 3D animated videos.

Areas Of Expertise

Accident Analysis

Accident Reconstruction

At-Scene Investigation

Bicycle Crashes

Brakes, Tires and Saftey Systems

Car Accident

Crash Data Retrieval

Criminal Investigations

Damage Analysis

DUI/OWI Crashes

Fatal Traffic Crash Analysis

Human Factors

Infotainment Technology

Insurance Investigations

Law Enforcement Crash Investigations

Law Firm Consulting

Low Speed Crash Simulation

Mapping Collision Scenes

Occupant Kinematics

Pedestrian Crash Reconstruction

Personal Injury Crashes

Physics in Crash Analysis

Police Procedures

Staged Crash Investigation

Traffic Crash Animation

Trucking Accidents

Vehicle Dynamics

Expert Profile

Our lead expert, Shawn Gyorke, is a Certified Accident Reconstructionist with education, training and experience in the investigation, reconstruction, and analysis of personal injury and fatal traffic crashes. Shawn has investigated hundreds of collisions involving pedestrians, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, cars, trucks and SUVs.

Shawn currently concentrates on civil crash reconstruction projects, as well as vehicular insurance fraud identification. Shawn welcomes plaintiff, insurance defense, and criminal cases.

Effective accident reconstruction techniques help Shawn determine if the actions of drivers, failures of equipment, or environmental factors played a role in a collision. Shawn’s mix of practical experience and rigorous training make him an outstanding expert witness in the field of accident reconstruction. He is a graduate of Northwestern University’s Center for Public Safety and is certified as an Accident Reconstructionist by the state of Illinois as well as the Accreditation for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR). Shawn is a member of numerous professional associations, maintains continuing education, and is a licensed investigator.

With over 20 years of practical accident reconstruction experience as a law enforcement professional, he has testified in both criminal and civil proceedings and, while Shawn’s practice extends throughout the United States, he has extensive experience with Illinois Traffic Law. Shawn prides himself on developing informative conclusions based on peer-reviewed methodologies and his experience as an investigator.

Since 2007, Shawn has been a certified Crash Data Retrieval Technician and Analyst. He previously held an adjunct instructor position with Northwestern University’s Center for Public safety, and was the president of the Illinois Chapter of the National Society of Professional Insurance Investigators. Shawn has authored several articles, including published works on Event Data Recorder (EDR) evidence, as well as Hyundai and Kia black box technology.

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