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Often, accident reconstruction experts are concerned about whether or not a person’s reactionary measures were appropriate.  And, a proper assessment of appropriate
reactionary measures requires that the crash reconstructionist know when a danger (pedestrian, vehicle, object) became visible and readily identifiable as a hazard requiring an
immediate response.  

Frequently, hazards become more readily identifiable over time.  For example, there may be obstructions, such as trees or bushes that hinder sight line as a motorist
approaches an intersection.  Or, weather, such as fog or darkness, might diminish the visibility distance of a pedestrian.   Therefore, when preparing our expert reports, the
accident reconstructionists at Crash Data Services, LLC take into account any and all factors that played a role in the collision.
In the illustration above, try to locate the pedestrian that is about to cross the street in front of the vehicle.  

Nighttime diminishes the driver’s sight distance, while environmental obstructions, such as a trees, bushes, and a street signs are all
obstructing the driver’s view of the intersection.  

Our accident reconstruction experts pride themselves on producing informed opinions about visibility based on a reasonable assessment of the
accident scene.
Can you find the pedestrian?
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