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Accident reconstruction experts are able to approximate speed from crush damage based on indirect comparisons
with controlled testing.  Agencies, such as the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA)
routinely perform crash testing under closely observed and instrumented circumstances.  These tests, while
performed primarily for the purpose of evaluating safety, also provide accident reconstructionists with

Stiffness coefficients relate to the amount of energy necessary to permanently deform a given object.  The stiffness
coefficients from controlled testing, along with the aforementioned crush measurements, allow experts to estimate
the energy dissipated during a real life collision.  Displaced energy can then be related to impact speed.
Damaged Vehicle
Undamaged Vehicle
Many accident reconstruction methods rely upon the precise measurement and evaluation of vehicle damage. In the
illustrations below, a damaged vehicle (post-impact) and undamaged vehicle (exemplar) were measured and then
compared to quantify the
crush caused by a collision.  Once the crush on the deformed vehicle was quantified, an
energy analysis was possible to determine the impact speed of the vehicle.
Undamaged Vehicle (Exemplar)
Damaged Vehicle (Post-Impact)
Accident Reconstruction Crush Measurements
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