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Accident reconstruction experts can employ a variety of methods in analyzing and explaining a traffic accident. The specific method is generally determined by the type of
accident and evidence available to the reconstructionist. The following methods are just a few of the scientifically validated techniques that our experts use in reconstructing
The reconstruction of a traffic accident via momentum
is aimed at deriving the impact speeds of two
vehicles based on known variables such as departure
speeds, angles of approach and/or angles of departure.
Thorough scene and vehicle inspections helps ensure that
the required roadway evidence is available for such an
The reconstruction of a traffic accident via energy analysis is aimed at deriving
the impact speeds of one or more vehicles based on the measured amount of
crush (damage) on a vehicle.
Crush Analysis Expert
Generally, when dealing with pedestrian accident reconstruction, the expert must first
determine if the collision was a
frontal projection (high front end vehicle) or frontal wrap
(low front end vehicle). In order to calculate a vehicle's impact speed, the reconstructionist
must know, at a minimum, the distance that a pedestrian was projected (thrown) after
Under special circumstances, vehicle speed can be
determined by examining roadway marks.  A
critical speed
analysis requires the precise measurement of cords
and middle ordinates for the purpose of deriving the radius of
a curve. That radius can then be used to calculate the speed
of a vehicle through the curve.  
Calculating the amount of speed that a vehicle lost due to
rotation is just one of the many techniques employed by our
experts when reconstructing a traffic accident.
Pedestrian Accident Reconstruction
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Momentum Accident Reconstruction
Critical Speed Accident Reconstruction
Rotational Speed Loss Accident Reconstruction
Vault, Roll, Flip Accident Reconstruction
Often, when vehicles leave the roadway, they fall, flip or vault.  And, in many cases, accident
reconstruction experts can utilize a mathematical equation to calculate the takeoff speed of
the vehicle if they know the horizontal distance the vehicle traveled, the vertical difference in
elevation that the center of mass rose or fell, and the angle of takeoff.   In the illustration
above the vehicle struck a low lying obstruction and vaulted.
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