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Roadway evidence such as skid marks or gouges will routinely explain what direction a vehicle rotated or even the path a
vehicle took from impact to final rest.  The accident reconstruction experts at Crash Data Services, LLC pride themselves
on thorough accident scene investigations.

The skid mark pictured to the left was caused as the front tires of a vehicle rode over a curb.  The vehicle was moving
from left to right, parallel to the heading of the tires, causing the distinguishing pattern contained within the mark.  

Accident reconstructionists can sometimes classify a roadway mark as a skid mark, scuff mark, yaw mark or ABS mark
based on the tread pattern contained therein.
Based on the gouge pictured above, accident reconstructionists were able to explain
the rotational mechanics of a vehicle post-impact.  This rotation was an important
factor used in reconstructing the dynamic interaction between a motorcycle and
sedan when they collided.  
Skidmark Accident Reconstruction
Gouge Accident Reconstruction
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