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The photograph to the left depicts a total station manufactured by Topcon.  The accident reconstruction experts at Crash Data
Services, LLC utilize one of Topcon's reflectorless total stations with multi pulse laser technology.  These total stations can measure
vast scenes, sometimes covering several thousand feet, with tremendous accuracy.  

And, this accuracy becomes increasingly important when attempting to reconstruct a collision.  Errors in measurement can result in
unreliable speed estimates or defective occupant kinematic analysis.

In similar fashion, the precise measurement techniques employed by our accident reconstructionists create the foundation on which
our expert opinions are based.  In addition, our measuring protocol allows for the development of full scale diagrams that can be
utilized as demonstrative exhibits.
Accident reconstruction techniques and equations are only as precise as the measurements on which they are based. Accident reconstructionists often collect and
documents scene evidence via total station, one of the most precise methods of evidence collection available.
The illustration to the right depicts a series of measurements collected via total
station and set over an aerial photograph. Effective visual aids are often crucial
in explaining the actions of the vehicles prior-to, during, and immediately after
an accident.

While at the scene of this collision, our accident reconstruction experts
memorialized the location of skid marks, gouges, and vehicle final rest
Accident Reconstruction Diagram
Total Station for Accident Reconstruction
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Topcon Total Station
Accident Scene Diagram
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