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Accident Reconstruction
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About Our Experts
As part of our accident reconstruction services, our experts can collect roadway measurements and later construct scale diagrams utilized in support of our opinions.  Our
reconstructionists normally measure and document collision scenes via total station, a precise and generally accepted method  of collection.
Reconstruction Survey Points
In the beginning, the points that our experts collect look like nothing more than several
hundred points.  These points, however, each represent an important location, such as
the position of a roadway edge, tire mark, or final rest position of a vehicle.
Connected Reconstruction Survey Points
Next, our accident reconstruction experts utilize a Computer Assisted Drafting (CAD)
program to connect the relevant points.
Accident Reconstruction Scene Diagram
Once our accident reconstructionists have connected the points representing
roadway edges,
lane markings, tire marks and final rest positions of vehicles, the original points can
be hidden, leaving behind a scale diagram that now accurately portrays the scene of
a collision.
Accident Reconstruction Expert Analysis
Our experts can then use the scale diagram to explain the dynamics of a collision
and the path that a vehicle took on its way to impact and ultimately final rest.  The
final drafts can be presented atop aerial photographs or even animated for the
purpose of illustration.
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3D Accident Reconstruction Diagram
This is a sample of the finished and 3-dimensional accident reconstruction
diagrams that the experts at Crash Data Services, LLC can produce.  Our precise
method of evidence collection and our attention to detail make these demonstrative
exhibits a valuable resource.
Crash Data Retrieval Training
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results depend on a variety of factors unique to each case.  The results of any investigation/reconstruction do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any future case undertaken by Crash Data Services,
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