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Crash data is recorded in a vehicle component called an event data recorder.  Event data recorders are commonly
referred to as vehicle black boxes and are part of a vehicle’s airbag control module, powertrain control module, or
rollover sensor.

There is already an overwhelming trend for auto manufacturers to install event data recorders in passenger cars, light
trucks, sport utility vehicles and even some heavy trucks.  This trend has made accident reconstruction an
increasingly diverse practice, requiring traditional reconstructive training and innovative technical assessment.

As of today, the types of recorded crash data (speed, brake use, etc...) are contingent upon the year, make, and model
of the vehicle.  And, in addition, only certain manufacturers have made their data available to the public.

Therefore, when reconstructing an accident, it becomes extremely important that the expert be familiar with those
vehicles configured to record data after a collision.  And, the expert should be able to download the vehicles which are
already publicly available.  To view a list of available vehicles via Bosch's crash data retrieval system, please

While recorded crash data from a vehicle's black box can be extremely helpful in determining the events leading up to
an accident, the data is not intended to replace traditional accident reconstruction techniques.  Our experts strive to
use recorded crash data as a means of validating our opinions.

Our certified accident reconstructionists are also certified as crash data retrieval technicians and
analysts.  Our reconstruction experts have performed hundreds of downloads and are always
available to answer any questions about vehicle coverage or data availability.  To learn more about vehicle black
boxes and crash data retrieval, please
click here.

In 2011, our lead accident reconstruction expert became certified as a trainer of Level 1 and Level 2 Crash Data
Retrieval Technicians.  This certification allows Crash Data Services, LLC to teach the Bosch approved technician
courses developed by the Collision Safety Institute. To learn more about this training opportunity, please
contact us.
Some manufacturers have made their
crash data publicly available.  This means
that their vehicles are not only equipped with
an event data recorder, but can also be
downloaded by a publicly available tool.

Today, the only tool capable of
downloading publicly available crash data is
manufactured by Bosch, called the Crash
Data Retrieval System.
By September 1st, 2012, NHTSA will
require that all manufacturers make their
event data recorders available to the public
for download.  They will also be required to
record at least 15 types of crash data. Some
of the required crash data include pre-crash
speed, engine throttle, brake use,
measured changes in forward velocity
(Delta-V), driver safety belt use, airbag
warning lamp status and
airbag deployment times.  To read more
about NHTSA's ruling which led to these
requirements,  please
click here.  
Crash Data Retrieval Expert
Crash Data Retrieval Training
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