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Illinois – Criminal Case

Illinois v. Carone, Kane County Circuit Court, Case No. 03-CF-515 (2005)

This was a bench trial where crash data retrieval evidence was introduced by the Kane County State’s Attorney’s Office. Based partly on the crash data collected, the court
found the defendant guilty on 10 counts that included reckless homicide, reckless homicide of an unborn child and a traffic violation for causing the crash.

Illinois Appellate - Civil Case

Bachman, et al, v. General Motors Corp., Uftring Chevrolet-Oldsmobile, Delphi Automotive Systems and Delco Electronics Systems, Illinois App. Ct., 4th Dist., No. 4-01-0237,
Appeal from Circuit Court of Woodford County, Case No. 98L21 (2002)

This is an appellate decision which found that crash data and its respective collection was not new or novel and met the Frye standard for admissibility. The crash data
collected was admitted into evidence in the civil trial. During the initial jury trial, crash data was used to prove that the vehicle’s airbag and restraint systems functioned
properly, contrary to the allegation brought by the plaintiff. A finding was entered for the defendant and against the plaintiff.  To learn more about this ruling,
click here.  To read
the full ruling,
click here.

Federal Ruling

NHTSA 49 Part 563 (August 2006)

This Federal requirement will standardize the crash data recorded in all vehicles manufactured after September 1st, 2012. Any North American vehicles equipped with
recording devices after that date, regardless of make or model, will be required to make their crash data available to the public.  To learn more about NHTSA's ruling,
here. To read the original ruling, click here.  To read Rule 563 update (creates compliance date of 2012), click here.
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