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This 2000 Pontiac Grand Am was involved in a serious
side-impact crash. The car's diagnostic link connector was
damaged, so its airbag control module was removed and
directly downloaded.

Actual data downloaded from this vehicle (PDF)
Pontiac Grand Am with Event Data Recorder
Crash data retrieval can be done through a
car's diagnostic link connector or by
downloading directly from its airbag control
module (pictured above).
In this case, the Pontiac Grand Am's airbag
control module was mounted under the front
passenger seat.
Airbag Module for Crash Data Retrieval
There are an estimated 46 million vehicles on the road today that Crash Data Services,
LLC is able to download.  Coverage goes back on somemodels to production year 1994.

By the end of 2012, every vehicle manufactured for North America will have a standardized set of data recorded by
its airbag module.   Crash data retrieval has already become an intricate part of both accident reconstruction and
vehicular fraud investigation.  

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