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Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) relies upon an instrument installed in most passenger cars, SUVs, and trucks called an
event data recorder (EDR).   An EDR is generally  part of a vehicle's airbag control module, and can be configured to
store recorded information such as speed, brake use, or restraint system performance when a vehicle is involved in a
crash event.  

Supplemental restraint systems (SRS) monitor acceleration.  The EDR function is generally triggered by sudden
changes in acceleration (also called Jerk), and can help determine what the vehicles were doing before, during and
after a crash event.  Crash Data Services, LLC has certified crash data retrieval technicians and analysts available to
access vehicle crash data for use in the reconstruction of traffic accidents.

Crash data retrieval is an important part of accident investigation, providing objective results and a method for
validation of traditional crash reconstruction techniques.  Our experts utilize Bosch's Crash Data Retrieval System for
the download and analysis of the data stored in a vehicle's event data recorder (vehicle black box).

As of today, almost all manufacturers of vehicles for North America have made the crash data from their EDRs
available for download by our crash data retrieval experts.  The list of covered manufacturers include: General Motors
family vehicles, Ford family vehicles, Daimler Chrysler family vehicles, Toyota family vehicles, Nissan Family vehicles,
Honda family vehicles, BMW family vehicles and Mazda.   There are also a number of smaller market share
manufacturers, such as Volvo, Fiat and Suzuki that are accessible to our accident reconstruction experts.  These
vehicles account for over 80 percent of the annual vehicles manufactured for North America.  

For a list those vehicles which are available for download via the Bosch Crash Data Retrieval Tool, please
click here.
Crash Data Retrieval for Accident Reconstruction
Our crash data retrieval service may include**, but is not limited to the following:
Inspect airbag module damage and photograph
Download of pre-crash and post-crash information.  Data available may include:
Vehicle speed
Engine speed in RPM's
Percent of throttle applied
Brake status (on or off)
State of driver's seat belt (buckled or not buckled)
State of airbag warning lamp
Occupant classification details
Time from vehicle impact to air bag deployments
Number of ignition cycles at time of impact
Number of ignition cycles at time of investigation
Time between crash events
Delta-V (change in velocity) experienced
Steering input in degrees
Anti-lock brake activation (on or off)
Transmission status
Diagnostic fault codes present at start of event
Stability control (engaged or non-engage)
VIN as programmed or learned by the module
Vehicle configuration data
And more...
Provide copy of data, graphs and report on CD
Analyze download and provide written summary of data
Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) Details
Fee:  Flat rate of $425 per car* Chicagoland area; $175/hour plus travel for outside of Chicagoland area
(please see our policies for more information)
*Purchase our accident investigation package and receive crash data retrieval for free.

**The actual data available via crash data retrieval is contingent upon the specific make/model of the vehicle. Vehicle
coverage changes often. Please contact us for details.

**When dealing with significant accidents, there is always the possibility that data normally collected within a vehicle’s
airbag control module might be irretrievable, such as collisions where there was power loss prior to completed
recording. In such cases, customers are still responsible for full payment of any crash data retrieval services.
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There are currently over 103 million cars
registered throughout North America with data
available via crash data retrieval.

As of 2012, almost all motor vehicles produced
for North America have their crash data available
for download.

To learn more about the National Highway Traffic
Safety Administration (NHTSA) ruling that will
standardize event data recorders and the way
they record,
click here.
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