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Move beyond the chalkboard with our experts and experience
computerized 3D simulated traffic accident reconstruction.

3D animation is a field of traffic accident reconstruction where our
experts recreate collisions by means of computer simulation.  These
computer simulated accidents have become increasingly popular in
recent years because they clearly explain the opinion that is being

The essential purpose of using a 3D animation for traffic accident
reconstruction is to depict or render an opinion which could be
difficult to visualize. Often, when vehicles crash, they approach,
collide, and move off to final rest in complex fashion.  Vehicles will
often travel off-road, roll, or collide with multiple objects before
coming to rest.  Due to the scope of the collision, accident
reconstruction experts sometimes have a demanding task of
explaining the mechanics of these crashes to persons outside their
field of expertise.

The general purpose of our expert 3D animations is to explain the
timing of critical events, show the perspective of drivers or
witnesses, or to show the relative positions and speeds of vehicles,
pedestrians or objects as they collided.

The 3D simulations can explain a momentum analysis, rollover
sequence, or even multiple impacts.  The 3D animated accidents
incorporate precise scene measurements collected via total station
or photogrametry, and can be enhanced by use of real-world aerial
photographs or even digital photography.
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The complexity of traffic accidents is often difficult to understand without the assistance of a 3D
animated crash.  Our accident reconstruction experts will often utilize simulated crashes to
supplement the opinions that they hold.  In the video above, a Volkswagen Beetle was rear-ended by a
Hummer H2, pushing the Volkswagen into the path of a passing commercial bus.  The timing of these
events is crucial in understanding the dynamics of the accident.
To be accepted in court, a 3D animated accident must be
physically accurate.  The simulated collisions that our
reconstructionists create are prepared with a clear
understanding of the physics and dynamics of traffic accident
reconstruction. Our experts fully expect that the 3D animations
they produce for the expression of an expert opinion will be
closely examined.  

Many software applications can be exploited, where an expert
utilizes the program to produce an animated collision that does
not adhere to the physical limitations of science.   Through a 3D
computer simulation, the motion of a vehicle could be presented
in a way that misleads the viewer into believing an opinion that is
physically impossible.    

The 3D animations that our experts prepare are dependable
because they are based on physical evidence that our
reconstructionists assemble.   The motions of the vehicles and
pedestrians that our experts model are based on calculations
which exemplify the laws of physics and known empirical data.

Our accident reconstructionists only use 3D animations to
exhibit, in a visual fashion, their underlying opinions of the
In many cases, vehicles lose control well before any impact actually takes place.  A 3D animated
accident created by our experts is an excellent means of explaining the dynamic movement of a vehicle
leading up to a collision.  In the video above, a BMW sedan lost control after an inappropriate steering
response.  As a result, the vehicle entered into a yaw, left the roadway, and collided with a tree.  
The timeliness of driver reactions is often presented as the
basis for negligence allegations.  In many cases, an animated
3D accident can effectively illustrate how long a vehicle,
pedestrian, or other object was visible and presenting itself in a
fashion that made it a readily identifiable as hazard requiring a
response.  In the video to the left, an SUV began its left turn, but
stopped to avoid a speeding motorcycle.  Before being able to
clear the intersection, the SUV was struck by a commercial
vehicle (semi-truck).  When presented by our accident
reconstruction experts, the 3D simulation helps illustrate the
reactionary measures of the drivers.   
Our accident reconstruction experts then utilize these 3D animated collisions as a compliment to the testimony that they provide.  The 3D animations serve as a visual means
for a judge or jury to recall the opinions that our accident reconstructionists have provided.

The 3D computer simulated crashes also allow potential witnesses an opportunity to better explain, in court, what they observed.  Through the 3D animated accidents that our
experts provide, witnesses are able to describe their perspective.   This often becomes a critical effort of reconstructing a traffic accident, as the views of the plaintiff,
defendant, or third party witnesses can enhance and/or validate the opinions of our reconstructionists.
The 3D animated accidents our experts supply are a form of demonstrative evidence.  In other words, the computer simulations are used to visually reconstruct how the traffic
accident purportedly occurred based on witness or participant accounts.  Or, the 3D animations are used to supplement the opinions of our experts with regard to how the
accident actually happened.

When used in a situationally appropriate reconstruction, 3D animations can be an extremely persuasive resource. This accident reconstruction service is now an available and
affordable means for communicating the opinions of our experts.   The ability to unmistakably relate the true dynamics of a crash to a judge or jury should never be
underestimated.   For questions about this particular service or any other accident reconstruction techniques, please contact us at any time.
Changes in elevation or long off-road post-impact movements of
vehicles are often difficult to illustrate in two dimensional
fashion.  In cases such as these, a 3D animated collision is
often the most straightforward and reliable means of presenting
an expert opinion about vehicle dynamics.  In the video to the left,
a minivan traveling at a high rate of speed was struck by a
passing garbage truck.

Our reconstructionists determined that the resulting collision
sent the minivan into a clockwise spin and off-road roll.     
The consideration of skid mark evidence by an accident
reconstructionist is often a crucial means of approximating
impact speed, the orientation of vehicles at impact, or their post
impact trajectories.  In the 3D animated accident to the left,  a
truck struck a smaller sedan as it crossed over an obstructed
railroad crossing.  The resulting crash produced several skid
marks which were and intricate part of the subsequent collision
Rollover accidents are some of the most dangerous collisions
to be involved in.  In these types of collisions, roll rates can
exceed 360 degrees per second, exposing occupants
(especially those who are unrestrained) to serious risk of injury.  

The experts at Crash Data Services, LLC can produce 3D
animated accidents suitable for the illustration of complex
crashes, such as rollover collisions.
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