Accident Reconstruction Experts
Crash Data Services, LLC provides quality traffic accident reconstruction including crash data retrieval, at-scene
collision investigation and expert witness services.  Our accident reconstructionists proudly serve Illinois and the
entire Midwest.  We customize our services to fit the needs of insurance providers, legal professionals, municipalities
and more.
We employ certified accident reconstructionists
with education, training and experience in the investigation, reconstruction,
and analysis of personal injury and fatal traffic crashes.

Our experts concentrate on civil crash reconstruction projects, as well as
vehicular insurance fraud identification.  We accept Plaintiff, Insurance
Defense or Insurance Fraud cases.  

Our commitment to our clients makes us an outstanding company to fulfill
your accident investigation, crash reconstruction and expert witness
needs.  Thousands of traffic crashes happen every day.  From low impact
accidents to major collisions, our expert opinions provide answers.
IATAI Accident Reconstructionist
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ACTAR Accident Reconstruction Expert
NAPARS Accident Reconstructionist
MATAI Accident Reconstructionist
Our photo gallery includes images of
vehicle damage and a description of
the investigative techniques used by
our reconstructionists.
Our accident reconstruction experts
can produce technical and precise
animations and enhance the impact
of, our opinions.
Our video gallery includes footage of
crash testing, skid testing and other
techniques used by our experts when
researching accidents.
A single photograph or digital video can be crucial in the ultimate reconstruction of a collision by our experts.  
Likewise, a properly prepared 3D animation can be an influential factor in accurately relating a scientific opinion.  Our
reconstructionists take great pride in their investigative efforts and the expert exhibits that they produce.
State of Illinois Crash
Reconstruction Specialist
Graduate - Northwestern
University Center for Public
Safety: Accident
Reconstructionist Program
ACTAR Accredited Expert
Traffic Accident
Listed Expert with the Society of
Accident Reconstructionists
Member of National Association
of Professional Accident
Reconstruction Specialists
Member of Midwest
Association of Technical
Accident Investigators
Accident Reconstruction
Crash Data Retrieval
About Our Experts
Crash Data Retrieval Training
Traffic Accident Reconstruction Videos
Fraud Investigation
Member of Illinois
Association of Technical
Accident Investigators
Our accident reconstruction experts are available for:
Illinois Accident Reconstructionist Specialist
NWCPS Accident Reconstructionist
SOAR Accident Reconstruction Expert
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opinion and should not be construed as such.  The use of this site does not create a contractor/client relationship with any employee of Crash Data Services, LLC.   Each investigation is different. Case
results depend on a variety of factors unique to each case.  The results of any investigation/reconstruction do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any future case undertaken by Crash Data Services,
Photo Gallery
Video Gallery
3-D Animations
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Our experts are always available to fulfill your
accident reconstruction needs.

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